To colorize or not to colorize…

Photo: Dorothea Lange | Colorization: Sanna Dullaway

Colorizing black and white photos is not exactly a new "thing" (Think Ted Turner's colorization of Casablanca). But, while browsing through the colorized images of some extremely famous photos, I noticed that many people feel it's a betrayal of historical record; some even consider it to be copyright infringement. A Swedish artist named Sanna Dullaway did a particularly spectacular job restoring photos like V-J Day in Times Square and Migrant Mother, much to the chagrin of others. Is colorizing historical photos wrong? Should the famous black and white images be left alone? Or, are people being too sensitive? Personally, although I think the black and white versions of the photos are beautiful, I was excited to see light and life shed on these photos - to me, it makes the subjects in the photos seem more tangible. If you're interested in seeing the other colorized photos by Dullaway, you can find them on Gizmodo.com.

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