The Cutting Edge of Mobile Living

What Americans call a manufactured home the Brits refer to as a “caravan.” And, there’s a new caravan design in town called The Edge, which is unlike any mobile home I’ve ever seen.

The Edge is a spacious, 880-square-foot, wheel-free, rectangular, glass and wood, luxury home that is, believe it or not, completely mobile. The modern design of The Edge resembles a posh Southern California beach condo, complete with decking, chic all-white interior décor, hot water and a generous living space.

It’s safe to say that when most people think of mobile living, they’re left with a bad taste in their mouths. But, this newly designed caravan is anything but the stereotypical, hillbilly, doublewide cliché. At this time, The Edge is only available in the English countryside as a vacation rental, but here’s hoping America will jump on this caravan (pun intended) and forever change our perception of manufactured homes. The author of the original article, Jessie Hewitson, summed it up best: “Stylish, spacious caravans with hot water on tap? Whatever next?”

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