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Anyone but me tired of trying to wade through one-sided presentations of the news these days or watching as our schools are forced to remove aspects of science, religion and even history from curriculums because there are those who insist that both sides of the story are somehow unconstitutional?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, on those issues that are especially controversial, we were regularly presented with both sides, so we could objectively make up our own minds about what to believe?

Well, since that isn't happening anytime in the near future, I thought I'd share this. Jeremy Kalgreen’s is hitting this head on. He takes on the big ones, like evolution, religion, science and politics, among others. But, he does so with some intelligence and a definite chuckle in the creative execution.

Now, we are supposed to be addressing issues that relate to creativity here, and so we are.  You will find no suggestions about what is right or wrong, left or right wing...nothing intended that is political, religious or scientific. However, fun creative that pokes its finger at some of the most controversial issues on the planet just can’t be ignored.

Whether you like Kalgreen’s work or not, you must admit that he's certainly a clever guy. Check out more of his designs at controversy.wearscience.com to see how one person is dealing with the “controversy information overload." Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face. And, tell me which one is your favorite!


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