Greet the world everyday with positive creativity

Posted by Terry

What if you were a champion of humanity? What if you decided to start looking for, noticing and drawing attention to the goodness, ingenuity, creativity, kindness and courage in your own heart, as well as your fellow inhabitants of planet earth?

No need to ignore anything, just place your primary focus on the quiet heroes of everyday life that keep things working for all of us. More and more, statistics are piling up that show how we are improving as a species. Whether you believe we’re getting better or not, it will help you tremendously to look for evidence of goodness in yourself and the world around you. It will lower your stress, increase your joy, expand your compassion and give you greater access to your magnificent brain.

A sense of optimism about humanity and our ability to learn, grow and rise above our limitations is one of the greatest assets you could ever give to yourself.

So writes W.G. Defoore, Ph.D. on GoodFinding.com (June 2012 Volume 6 Number 6). More and more, as the years creep on, I have been subscribing to the “positive” vs. the negative. And, in this day and age – it is not an easy task staying on track. The media seems hell bent on dredging up the nastiest of the dirt, government is truly a mess and hence our collective futures seem to be in question and folks in general often have a bad attitude with something less than kind to say about most everything.

However, we are still a great nation and I suspect we can and will survive. And, if more of us, than not, are determined to find the positive in the future and do creative things to ensure that reality, we will find the brighter side of life, that once was not so elusive in America. We can choose to be negative and react negatively to all around us, or we can choose to be positive and live a happier, more productive existence. Which do you suppose is the healthier alternative? Ask your children – they know instinctively. Life is short...make it count by being a positive creative force for good.


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