A Haven for all the Little Monsters

Posted by Emily

Photo: SoLongAsItsBlack.com

Everyone knows who Lady Gaga is - the mega celeb on par with pop royalty like MJ and Madonna? My 62 year-old uncle, a retired Air Force colonel whose favorite T.V. show is the O'Reilly factor, knows who Lady Gaga is. She was the first artist to hit one billion YouTube video views and she has more than 19 million "little monsters" following her on Twitter. These factors make Gaga the perfect candidate for a start-up called Backplane, a company that will focus on online community building. Similar to Pottermore.com, the exclusive Harry Potter online community for Harry Potter fanatics, Lady Gaga will have her own online social community called LittleMonsters.com. Although this seems like a good idea in theory, due to her mass following, I just don't see it being extremely successful. Maybe over time it will become popular and heavily trafficked, but an online community all about Gaga? I don't know; I mean, I'm a contributer to the one billion YouTube video views, I follow her on Twitter and I'm pretty curious about her strange goings-on, but would I take the time to sign up for an online social community all about her? Nope; and I feel confident in saying that most people probably fall into the same category as myself. Pottermore was wildly successful because Potter fans were looking for something new after the finale of the movies and the series. But, my prediction for LittleMonsters.com is that people will be less enthusiastic - not because they're not fans, but because she's already all over the place. Why would they need/want to read about her and make comments about her on yet another social media outlet? Prove me wrong Gaga!


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