Is Facebook losing its mojo?

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There's a lot of gloomy news from Facebook these these days. I even saw a projection that said they would be gone in 10 years. Technology changes incredibly fast and platforms like Facebook don't make it unless they're continually evolving. Even bigger for Facebook is the issue surrounding how people perceive ads on the site and how the social media platform can make money from just that for their advertisers. Statistics right now show that people's response to Facebook ads is on par with most other digital ads - which is quite low. It's the old spray and pray syndrome all over again. People don't go to Facebook to shop, they go to Amazon for that. People expect Facebook to be an open, fun and FREE place for social chatter...not shopping. That's a big hurdle to get over and I think the malaise that's hit the company's stock performance indicates that the investor community sees that. You have to generate revenue at some point and Facebook has yet to show how they will monetize their user base and bring value to the advertisers. I believe it's possible that social media has created a new way to connect with consumers in sites like Pinterest... And, just think, newer and better ideas have yet to hit the market!

~ Guest post by Jaime Garza, FPO Marketing ~


Do you need a Pintermission? Honda thinks so…

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Over the past couple of months, companies left and right have been flocking to Pinterest, adding the virtual pin board to their laundry list of social media sites to maintain. In a previous post, I talked about how I thought Pinterest was essentially useless for companies/products that didn't revolve around "lifestyle" - fashion, food, decorating, beauty, fitness, etc. Well, I stand partially corrected. Honda (yep, the car manufacturer) has come up with one of the most clever ways to utilize Pinterest in a way that's relevant to their brand. Instead of pinning pictures of their cars - boring - they are asking you to take a "Pintermission." As part of its Leap List campaign for their CR-V they are encouraging people to live life to the fullest. How does Pinterest come into play? Honda's agency, RPA, "is offering $500 each to the most active pinners (as identified by Mashable) if they'll take a 24-hour break from Pinterest and actually go out and do the stuff they've been pinning about." The pinners who accept the challenge immediately receive the $500 and are asked to create a Pintermission board where they will pin photos of the stuff they do during their break from the site and then Honda will repin those pins onto their Pinterest board. The whole campaign is one giant oxymoron, which I love - I think it's a great tongue-in-cheek way to draw attention to the company. It's clear that Honda is in touch with what's popular and they manipulated Pinterest so that it works for them - that's smart.


As Pinterest gains momentum, should companies jump on the bandwagon?

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Pinterest, a popular virtual pin board, has been a guilty pleasure of mine since well before it gained any real momentum. One way I'd describe the site is a "Tumblr for adults." It's a time-suck for people to share their ideas and inspiration with one another; home to hilarious Memes poking fun at yuppies, fancy dessert recipes accompanied by fitness tips, DIY projects you tell yourself you'll do one day and fashion that most people will never be able to afford. Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest and visit the site every day, but companies who have been alerted to the site's high traffic volume are trying to find a way to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon. To this I say: Hold your horses. An article on PRNewsOnline said it best, "For retail brands - particularly those geared toward women - Pinterest can't be ignored. Outside that realm, it pays to take a wait-and-see approach before investing the necessary resources." The U.S. military branches have even started pinning! But, I just don't see the connection...know your audience! There are categories on Pinterest that are stereotypically male (cars and motorcycles, sports) and androgyneous categories (travel and places, photography) but Pinterest remains a primarily female-driven site about topics like fashion, interior design, beauty, etc. and until it reaches a more diverse audience I would tell business who don't "fit the mold" to not waste their time...not yet.


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