Samsung: 1 Apple: 0

Posted by Emily

Samsung throws some low blows at the iPhone 4S in its new ad for their Galaxy S II, mainly targeting the "new and improved" iPhone's smaller screen size and lack of support for faster 4G wireless networks. However, the humor comes from Samsung's no-holds-barred stabs at Apple's cult-like following of wannabe techies, which leaves you nodding your head in agreement because you know exactly what Samsung is talking about. “I could never get a Samsung; I’m creative,” says one of the Apple-loving hipsters. To which his friend replies, “Dude, you’re a barista." The ad is definitely clever and points out "why someone might want something other than an iPhone without resorting to a bunch of 'speeds and feeds'." I have an iPhone 4S and I love it, but the attractive, thin design of the Galaxy S II doesn't hurt Samsung's argument.


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