Has “Off the Record” Died?

Posted by Roger

Ron Schiller (photo, NPR.org)

The recent firestorm caused by hidden camera video recordings of NPR’s Ron Schiller proves that we no longer have the freedom to make private comments.

I may not agree with his statements, but I am concerned that our basic privacy is being eroded. From cameras in stores, on freeways and in parking lots, we now find ourselves on camera even with close personal associates. Does the world have a right to know our private thoughts? How we parent our children? What we order at mealtime?

Is it no longer safe to take an unpopular position or have a contrary thought?

Am I the only one who is unnerved by this loss of intimacy?

My fear is that a free society can no longer be free when private, personal viewpoints must be molded and edited to fit a “norm” due to fear of exposure. What do you think?


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