Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Posted by Terry

photo: facebook.com/GEappliancedistributorUK

OK.  I'm in advertising. And further, I fully believe in the power of advertising.  But, does anyone else think this is a really poor marketing gimmick from GE Appliances UK dances way too close to the edge of exceptionally poor taste?

The mind boggles at how many ways this "clever idea" is likely to go bad for the consuming public. This concept stands a very real risk of going global in ways we don't want to know about.

I already have a multitude of uninvited guests - in the form of television advertisements - marching through my kitchen while I am running around in my skivvies. I really have no interest in the next iteration of this refrigerator being the cast from this year's Biggest Loser analyzing the contents of my fridge shelves. Quick! Someone call the advertising police before they give advertisers any more bad ideas.


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