“The perfect bum is the one you’re sitting on.”

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Dove's Real Beauty campaign, which began in 2004, is one of my favorite campaigns to date. I'm a big proponent of honest campaigns that not only sell a product but send positive and uplifting messages. Advertising is a platform that can and should be used for good. The newest addition to Dove's Real Beauty campaign is a brilliant call to action. Before I continue, let me ask you a question: do you get as peeved as I do when you log in to your Facebook and find that your page is lined with ads for weight loss gimmicks and GIFs insisting that you need to shrink those thighs? Well, Dove Australia has decided to combat those self esteem-killing online ads with their Ad Makeover campaign. With Dove's Ad Makeover Facebook application, Australian women can go online and literally replace the negative media cluttering their Facebooks (and their friends' Facebooks) with body positive messages, courtesy of Dove. Check out this video to see how it works - I LOVE this idea and I hope it makes it across the ocean and into the States soon.


Emily’s Best of 2010

Posted by Emily

Emily's Favorite of 2010
Dove Onslaught

We read a lot about the impact of advertising on youth. Whether it's the debate over violent games causing violence in teens or labeling music lyrics as obscene, there is no end to the discussion about these controversial topics. Advertising to children has long been a topic of interest among cigarette companies, liquor distributors and toy companies, but Dove takes a slightly different look at the marketing of beauty products to young girls.


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