Juice box modified pears?

Posted by Emily

Photo: foodiggity.com

When creativity meets science, the possibilities are endless. As part of their new ad campaign to emphasize that their fruit juices are 100% natural, Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar grew fruit in the shape of juice boxes. Yes, you heard me correctly - real, natural fruit grown in the shape of the company's juice boxes, complete with impressions of the Camp Nectar logo and the bendable straw. The company then had these juice box-shaped fruits dispersed in the fruit bins throughout grocery stores as an eye-catching edible advertisement. The video below displays how the juice box fruits were created and it's nothing short of awesome. Props to Camp Nectar.


What’s white and white, and white, all over?

Posted by Emily

When you're perusing the grocery store aisles for your favorite carbonated beverage maybe you keep your eyes peeled until you see that famous red label with the white script, or perhaps you're a fan of that soft drink with the green and silver label. No matter your preferences, so much of what we know and love about our favorite brands is invested in their labels. I mean, yes, we love the taste of Coca Cola and that's why we drink it, but the red and white label is just so classically American - I guarantee there would be a worldwide uprising if Coca Cola decided to alter their label in any way. That said, would you be able to recognize your favorite brands if their labels were completely missing and were replaced with plain, stark-white "packaging?" Well, a strategic agent at Carbone Smolan Agency by day and a student at the SVA Master's in Branding program by night has taken it upon himself to paint famously branded objects white. For his "art project" he will select one branded object and paint it white; he will do this every day for 100 days, "removing all visual branding." Try your hand at identifying the label-less objects below and see how well you do!


Maximum effect with minimum means

Posted by Emily

I’d like to propose a "challenge" to you based on a recent feature on Adweek.com by Mehmet Gozetlik. Gozetlik argues that less is always more when it comes to advertising, especially products’ packaging. Below are variations of the packaging for well-known, international brands. I’d like to know which versions you find most attractive and/or which versions you think would be most effective in selling the product – the original packaging, the simpler packaging or the simplest packaging? Is a minimalist packaging design more aesthetically pleasing or are the "bells and whistles" essential?


Creative Packaging

Posted by Emily

Chances are you have purchased something based solely on its unique and eye-catching packaging – perhaps you chose one soft drink over another for your Super Bowl party because one bottle was shaped like a football or bought Kleenex instead of the off-brand because the Kleenex box featured more attractive designs.

Packaging is a key element in marketing, because it’s the packaging that makes one product stand out from the rest when a consumer is standing in the aisle of a grocery store trying to decide which type of bottled water they should buy.

YoutheDesginer.com has picked out 30 of the most bizarre and creative packaging designs that would entice most people to purchase their products…it would be pretty difficult to pass up this carton of milk, right?


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