ChapStick Digs Its Own Grave on Facebook

Posted by Emily

A recent ChapStick Facebook “campaign” had fans pondering, “Where does lost ChapStick go?” The social media promotion was accompanied by a print ad (at left) featuring a woman looking for her ChapStick behind the couch – her derriere being the main focus of the ad. Well, the humor was lost on some and several well-known bloggers deemed the ad disgusting and inappropriate, something they unabashedly plastered all over the company’s Facebook page. I’m not entirely certain who managed the public relations surrounding the “attack” on the ChapStick Facebook page, but they did not handle it appropriately. Rather than responding to the criticism of the ad with a frank apology, or even a witty acknowledgement of the critics’ absurdity, they deleted EVERY negative comment. Subsequently, people began commenting about their deleted comments so ChapStick deleted all of those comments, further infuriating people. It seems the folks at ChapStick assumed the problem would magically disappear if they went the denial route. Wrong. Although I think the criticism of the ad is pretty ridiculous, especially considering the hundreds of ads out there that are FAR more sexually suggestive, I think ChapStick handled the situation quite poorly. What do you think would have been a better response?


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