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There seems to be a flood of conversation recently about how our economic environment is changing the face of business.  As business methodologies morph,  they are creating challenges and demands which are requiring managers to re-invent or re-think how they acquire and retain business.

Like so many of us, if this is one of your dilemmas, you might want to pick up  a copy of Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? by Seth Godin. “The premise of Godin’s book is that as a business owner or manager, you want to change your business into something that your customers can’t do without – something so special, so different, so unique that your success is inevitable.”  Godin’s book is recommended by entrepreneur Mitchell York, who reinvented the Maui Wowi franchise system and believes that you’ve got to constantly examine how to grow and change.

Would love to hear about unique challenges you are currently faced with and how you are dealing with this ever-changing business climate.


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