Benneton does it again!

Posted by Terry

So, what do you think about the latest offering from Benneton...competitive world leaders kissing one another under the campaign line: “Unhate”?

We get it – “kumbaya,” etc. Nice sentiment and a goal worth striving for. However, does anyone think that at some point, advertising campaigns should connect with the product?  We know Benneton has had a long history of controversial messaging and, to some extent, that approach has been successful for them. But, not always in the long run.

Often when you lead with controversy, that can be the sum effect of what you achieve. Not necessarily sales – or the consumer’s embrace of the product you are selling.  I applaud Benneton for sticking to its former strategic direction – but how much is too much when you are trying to resurrect the brand? A few very wise industry analysts are saying that “you won’t be rewarded for creating controversy – the product must fit the advertising." I think I might have to agree. What say you?



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