Take THAT, Fannie Mae

Posted by Emily

If a company offered to pay your mortgage in exchange for permission to paint the entire front of your house in a loud, colorful advertisement, would you do it? That’s what hundreds of people across the country are resorting to in these tough economic times. Adzookie, a mobile advertising company, offers to pay your mortgage if you allow them to use your home as a giant billboard. The company’s website warns applicants that they must be ready for the obnoxious colors and annoyed stares they will receive from neighbors but, in the end, it might be worth the embarrassment. After only one day, more than 300,000 people applied for an Adzookie ad for their house - the rules are easy: you must keep the ad up for a minimum of three months and you must actually own the home.Would you be willing to turn your home into visual pollution if it meant your mortgage would be paid?


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