Super Bowl Super Stars

Ok, we all know half the fun of watching the Super Bowl (at least for us advertising-type people) is the ads. Who's going to have the best ad? How much did it cost? Was it funny? Edgy? Did they go too far? It's really fun as a Creative Director to watch commercials made to be clever and be the star.

The Volkswagen Darth Vader spot was great, as was the Bridgestone Tire spot. My personal favorite was Audi. People imprisoned in old school luxury. Too funny. I think it was on target with the luxury car buyer demo, clever and well produced.

Too many of the spots tried too hard to be funny. The Etrade baby has apparently aged out of his highchair and looked like a second grader. It also seems that the prevailing notion is that the viewers are all young, horny, men with no taste or manners who view women chest high.

Here are some of our favorites from last night's game.

Audi's Release the Hounds

Volkswagen's The Force

Sealy's After Glow

Budweiser's Wild West

When you have the "best" ads, you also have the worst. Here is our pick. What's yours?

LivingSocial's LivingSocial Changed My Life

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