Silly Bandz

If you had told me a year ago that I would be paying $6 for a tiny little package of glorified  rubber bands for my six year old and two year old to wear I would have called you crazy. But my kids are obsessed with these things. They collect them. They want different shapes and colors. They match them to outfits.

Brands have even gotten in on the act. Disney has Toy Story and Princess bracelets. Justin Beiber has his own. Silly Bandz can even be custom created with just about anything. Colleges and universities are selling them with logo and mascot images. Even Kardashian Glam Bandz have recently hit the market (I know, you're rushing out to get yours now).

How many packets of Silly Bandz have you bought? And, what's next? A Silly Bandz-branded storage system?

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