Pop! Goes the Restaurant

Pop-up restaurants are one of the biggest foodie trends of 2011. Across the country, America’s finest chefs are opening temporary restaurants in various spaces to experiment with cutting-edge recipes and create one-of-a-kind dining experiences.  The menus at these restaurants typically change from day-to-day and the culinary hot spots shut down after only a few days or weeks. Pop-up restaurants not only offer delectable cuisine, they offer exclusivity, because grabbing a seat at a pop-up restaurant is no easy task. Most pop-ups are “advertised” through word of mouth, so it’s all about who you know. “Next Restaurant” in Chicago is a great example of a premier pop-up restaurant that has people scrambling for tickets to attend. Ask around and do some research, find a pop-up restaurant in your city and make sure you don’t miss out on this trendy, must-have experience.

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