Newsweek Time Travels to 1965

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I've been breathlessly awaiting the return of Mad Men for far too long and can hardly wait until this Sunday, when the popular T.V. show finally returns to primetime. In collaboration with the highly anticipated season premiere of the 1960's era drama, Newsweek decided to take a trip back in time. The magazine's March 26/April 2 issue - featuring four of the Mad Men stars on the cover - has been published to look just as it did in 1965, complete with actual ads from the 1960's as well as modern ads designed to look as though they were created in the 1960's (click on the magazine to take a look at all of the retro ads, then vote for your favorite). This whole concept is probably one of the coolest "ad campaigns" for a T.V. show I have ever seen; but I wouldn't expect anything less from a drama all about the world of advertising. Now, excuse me while I go put on my red matchstick pants from Banana Republic's Mad Men collection, pour myself a gin and tonic and read the special edition of Newsweek - a girl can pretend!

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