Make a Snowflake Wish

I ran across this holiday website add on today, and I had to share. American Eagle's kids' division, called 77 kids, released this fun app within their site. You can create your own virtual paper snowflake using their click-to-cut scissors and then post it to your Facebook profile.

Of course, I had to give it a try. And then again. And again. And...

You start with your pre-folded paper ready to cut. Simply clicking around on the paper creates your pattern. Then, once your cutting is complete, you get to see your creation! You get to name your creation and make a wish on your snowflake. I wished for back-to-back showings of "Christmas Vacation" on television this weekend.

Of course, now we get into the marketing part...enter your information so they can put you in a contest. Who cares about that part, though...I get to share my snowflake on Facebook so all my friends can see how clever and creative I am!

I really do love this idea. Anything that gets people to your site - even if it's just to play with the app, helps create awareness. And, heck...I have kids, but I had never visited AE's kids section online before. But you can rest assured I have now.

Go check out this cool little app. It's fun and easy...even the kids will love it!

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