Introducing a Kindler, Gentler Raider Fan

Raider Fan has an image problem. For years he's been loud, painted up and ... let's be honest. Scary.

But now he wants to make amends with his not-so-adoring public.

Raider Fan wants you to like him. Really, really like him.

How does he do this? He hires a PR firm and starts giving out money.

The Black Hole, a group of devoted Oakland Raiders fans, decided they were tired of the image most people had of Radier Fan...that of a "...bunch of criminals."

So, they've launched a new website, made a donation to a local private school and have now begun the "Solidarity Campaign to Black Out Violence." The cause, benefitting the Biletnikoff Foundation, supports women recovering from substance abuse and promotes education and the prevention of domestic violence.

Raider Fan has a long history of rioting and causing the police to work overtime (whether their team wins or loses), but I am honestly pleased to see the core fans take issue with that image and do something to turn it around. And there is no better cause for a group of burly, macho, spike-collar-wearing fans to support than education and women's issues.

Good for you, Black Hole Fans! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing about the impact you've had on your community at the end of football season.

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