Excuse me, sir, did you know that you don’t have hair on your head?

Photo: Adweek.com

I recently came across one of the wittiest ad campaigns for a hair transplant solution called Panorama Hair. Albeit creative, the campaign is also SO SIMPLE. The Canadian company uses mirrors to point out men's bald spots by installing them in the ceilings of subway trains. How clever is that?! On the mirror is a sticker with brief copy that reads "THE HAIR LOSS SPECIALISTS" - along with the company's name, phone number and website. I am obviously not a balding man, so I find this campaign hilarious. But, many folks have taken offense to these ads, calling them cruel and embarrassing. Some critics have even compared the ads to "putting mirrors at chest-height with the address of a plastic surgeon for insecure women." That said, I still think the campaign is humorous. It's not any more offensive than huge billboards featuring buxom, bikini-clad twenty-somethings advertising weight loss supplements. What do you think - funny or mean?

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