Does Social Media Belong in News Reporting?

Earlier this week KDFW/Fox News 4 in Dallas posted this video spoofing news coverage using social media. In it, reporters are tweeting, posting to Facebook, using Skype to broadcast...all while avoiding reporting on the (made up) shooting and hostage situation going on around them.

Created for the Lone Star Emmys, KDFW was obviously having some fun, but like a lot of spoofs, there is typically a kernel of truth from which the idea originates.

The days of news stories being researched for days or weeks before going live seem to be in indirect proportion to the number of bloggers who can get a story posted while sitting in the Starbucks down the street. The Wall Street Journal has taken a decidedly scoop or be scooped approach, so what's a news junkie to do?

Are journalists becoming too dependent on social media platforms? Is it possible to tell a news story in 140 characters? Are news organizations more concerned with scooping the competition than with getting the story right? There are countless stories of reporters making rash decisions and posting to Twitter or Facebook and then having to retract or apologize for the comment.

Does social media belong in news reporting? What do you think?

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