If you haven’t heard of the London-based street artist Banksy, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.  The artist’s recent presence in L.A. – due to his Academy Award nomination for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop – had Hollywood in a tizzy trying to track down his latest works of art throughout the streets of Tinseltown.  Banksy is famous for the provocative and often humorous street art that breathes color and life into the dirty alleys and forgotten buildings of urban cities.  The talented artist posts pictures of all his work on his website, so you can be sure if it’s an authentic Banksy masterpiece you saw while walking down Santa Monica Boulevard.  Although Banksy’s popular documentary did not take home the golden statue, his art is definitely worth admiring.  Only Banksy can turn an ordinary “No Trespassing” sign into a $500,000 work of art because he sees clearly what most of us would walk past blindly.

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