Bad Advertising Doesn’t Sell

TV stations need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. There is nothing more irritating than watching the game or your favorite comedy just to have the decibel level shoot sky high during the commercials.

Why, you ask, would an adman complain that television commercials are aired too loud? Because if it’s done to help get the message across, it just doesn’t work. The viewer either hits the mute button or turns down the volume. The result is exactly opposite of the intent.

When we shout we irritate. When we irritate we lose interest and credibility.

Our ads will be watched when the consumer is a given a reason to. A clever idea, nice music, quality production values and good talent. No one was ever bored into watching commercials.

While we are on the subject of TV, what is with car dealer advertising? Are we supposed to purchase the second-most expensive item we will own, next to our home, from these guys? Sleazy on camera talent, daughters of owners, grandkids of owners, talking enhanced breasts and screaming announcers. Wow, it really makes me want to spend $40,000-50,000!

Don’t they realize that fake excitement is transparent? Even BMW does it. BMW corporate advertising is clean and sophisticated, yet the local dealer advertises like a furniture store going-out-of-business sale. All items must go! Liquidation sale! Makes me not want to by one. Well, at least not from them.

If you're going to do something...do it right. I want to enjoy the ads as much as the programming. When we accomplish that, we sell.

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