As Pinterest gains momentum, should companies jump on the bandwagon?

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Pinterest, a popular virtual pin board, has been a guilty pleasure of mine since well before it gained any real momentum. One way I'd describe the site is a "Tumblr for adults." It's a time-suck for people to share their ideas and inspiration with one another; home to hilarious Memes poking fun at yuppies, fancy dessert recipes accompanied by fitness tips, DIY projects you tell yourself you'll do one day and fashion that most people will never be able to afford. Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest and visit the site every day, but companies who have been alerted to the site's high traffic volume are trying to find a way to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon. To this I say: Hold your horses. An article on PRNewsOnline said it best, "For retail brands - particularly those geared toward women - Pinterest can't be ignored. Outside that realm, it pays to take a wait-and-see approach before investing the necessary resources." The U.S. military branches have even started pinning! But, I just don't see the connection...know your audience! There are categories on Pinterest that are stereotypically male (cars and motorcycles, sports) and androgyneous categories (travel and places, photography) but Pinterest remains a primarily female-driven site about topics like fashion, interior design, beauty, etc. and until it reaches a more diverse audience I would tell business who don't "fit the mold" to not waste their time...not yet.

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