A Super Bowl may be just what our economy needs

You often hear that advertising budgets are a barometer of the overall state of the economy. As the proprietor of a small agency I have found this to be true. When businesses hunker down, advertising - especailly media purchasing - goes down. When optimism returns, so does expenditures. I found an interesting article about the Super Bowl in the San Antonio Express-News this morning written by Carolyn Said entitled “Advertisers step up their marketing game." One important trend is the increase in automobile ads which is reflective of the big three’s recent sales increases over the previous year. What caught my attention was the Century 21 ad. It has been more than 21 years since a major realty company advertised on the Super Bowl.

The fact that Lexus will appear for the first time also is a good sign. “We, like many of the automobile companies, are feeling much more bullish about this year and next year,” said Brian Smith, vice president of marketing for Lexus.

NBC sold all game ad slots before Thanksgiving. You might say the winner of Super Bowl XLVI will be the U.S. ecomomy. Go team go!

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