A Little Help From My Friends

I would like to do a little “seat of the pants” market research, and I would love for you to participate. This is not for a client, this is for my own piece of mind as I am considering leaping from the “wired world of home telephones” into to that unexplored territory (at least for me) of my mobile phone being my “only” phone.

Like many, the only reason I haven’t done this yet is that my security company told me their system would only operate via a dedicated land line. However now this is not the case, as they recently acquired mobile capabilities.

Anyway, it just doesn’t seem to make much sense that I continue to pay $36. a month for the privilege of being driven crazy every evening and all weekend long by a constant barrage of calls from burial plot salesmen, hearing aid specialists, investment gurus (where the heck were they two years ago?) and a litany of other services and programs I don't really need.

Still – there is something about that “wired into the wall” phone system that keeps whispering to my psyche that I might, just possibly need to keep it – in case. In case of what, I have no idea. I think it is just time to accept the future and leap, as most of my friend have done.

So, please let me know how many of you have already gone there by filling in the very short answer sheet below. You don’t have to give your names or any other vital info such as your age...

_____Yes, you are embarrassingly behind the times.  I got rid of my land line ______ years ago.

_____No, I am as lame as your are and am still holding on desperately to ancient technology for no good reason.

_____I actually still have my “wired phone service” for this very good reason which you have not thought of________________________________________________________________________.


Thanks to one and all who respond. I hate making an uninformed decision all by myself!  I also don’t want to be the last lemming off the cliff!

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