Juice box modified pears?

Posted by Emily

Photo: foodiggity.com

When creativity meets science, the possibilities are endless. As part of their new ad campaign to emphasize that their fruit juices are 100% natural, Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar grew fruit in the shape of juice boxes. Yes, you heard me correctly - real, natural fruit grown in the shape of the company's juice boxes, complete with impressions of the Camp Nectar logo and the bendable straw. The company then had these juice box-shaped fruits dispersed in the fruit bins throughout grocery stores as an eye-catching edible advertisement. The video below displays how the juice box fruits were created and it's nothing short of awesome. Props to Camp Nectar.


Snow as an art form

Posted by Emily

Photo: inhabitant.com

I recently came across a unique English artist, Simon Beck, who creates amazing works of art in vast snow fields. I can only imagine the sheer amount of patience and persistence required to create these impressively precise crop circle-like patterns. Using an orienteering compass and measuring tape to get his bearings and form the design, Beck then uses a clothes line and central anchor to create curves and circles. The final product is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend taking a look at all of his snowscapes - he has a Facebook page devoted to his snow art where you can see all of his masterpieces, as well as higher contrasted versions of some of his designs. Creativity at its finest.

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With Help Remedies, simplicity is key

Posted by Emily

Lately, instead of picking up my usual bottle of Advil or Benadryl from the pharmaceutical aisle, I've been buying the Help Remedies brand of cold medicine and pain relievers. I was first drawn to this brand because of its unique packaging...and the fact that it's $1.00. Upon opening my first blister pack of Help Remedies' acetaminophen ( called Help I have a headache), I noticed a funny one-liner above the drug facts: "Help I have a headache does not contain Red Dye #40. If you enjoy dye, you will have to eat it separately." Cute packaging? Check. Cheap? Check. Company with a sense of humor? Check. I'm officially sold on this new, random drug brand and have since done some investigating regarding their marketing tactics. The CEO of the company was tired of sifting through needlessly complex pharmaceuticals in the drugstores with names he couldn't pronounce, so he created Help Remedies. Simplicity being the most important factor, the brand's packaging names the one active ingredient and the symptom it treats: Help I'm nauseous, Help I have allergies, Help I can't sleep, etc. The straight forward labels make choosing the correct drug for your ailment 100% idiot-proof. Have a cold? Pick up Help I have a cold - done and done - no having to stand there and read 100 different labels. Complete with weird YouTube spots and an awesome interactive website, this is my new favorite brand.

Photo: theschumpeterproject.wordpress.com


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