RCCO’s Worst Ads of 2011

Posted by Emily

Last year we shared what we thought were some of the best ads of 2010, so this year we'd like to turn the tables and share what we think were a few of the WORST ads of 2011. These ads leave us pondering, "What on earth were they thinking?!"

Roger's pick: Luvs' "Poop! There It Is!"

Terry's pick: Mark's Lawn and Garden

Cheryl's pick: Carfax's "Car Fox"

Emily's pick: Toyota's "People Person"

Jessica's pick: Dr. Pepper's "TEN"

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The Pursuit of Leadership

Posted by Roger

Great leaders are not satisfied with mediocrity, traditional ways of thinking or conventionalism. Great leaders pursue - "a failure to embrace pursuit is to cede opportunity to others...failure to pursue creativity relegates [you] to the routine and mundane." In a word, excellent leaders pursue being excellent leaders. Failing at the art of pursuit almost guarantees that you will not succeed at becoming a great leader because what you pursue is what you value - whether that be creativity, financial success or even the "next big thing." Check out the full article on Forbes for more on the "science of pursuitology."


Would your home be vaporized in a nuclear war?

Posted by Cheryl

As if you needed one more thing to distract you from productivity on the internet, there is a website that will help you determine whether or not you would survive a nuclear attack based on your location and the size of the nuke. With the help of Google Maps technology you can type in your address, along with the anticipated severity of the nuclear warhead, and this fun little site will determine if you will be vaporized into thin air or if you'll simply suffer from radiation sickness. For the extremely paranoid this may prove to be a useful tool; for everyone else, this is a pretty interesting way to kill an hour (or two) of time.

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And the “It” color for 2012 is…

Posted by Roger

Pantone is an international color system used by printers and designers. They are in touch with which colors are popular and being favored by graphic designers. They are also predicting which colors will be popular in the world of fashion. Their choice for 2012? Tangerine Tango; a bright and punchy reddish-orange. So, if you want to be in style and invest wisely, refer to their website.

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An elegant pair of ladyshoes made entirely out of necklaces

Posted by Emily

The Old Spice guy is back in what is sure to be a major holiday YouTube campaign from Wieden + Kennedy for Old Spice. In the first video Isaiah Mustafa, in a towel of course, promises to buy gifts for all 7 billion people on Earth. His second video is directed to "25 of his closest internet friends," the third is for the city of Baltimore and the fourth is to the country of Australia. I don't know about you, but the Old Spice guy has not yet lost his allure on me and I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of his hilariously festive videos.


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