We’re All Gonna Diiiiiiiie!

Posted by Emily

As we all are well aware, the world will be coming to an end on December 21, 2012.  In preparation for this catastrophic end-of-days one should familiarize himself with Vivos, an underground survival shelter network, available by membership only.

Once you purchase a Vivos membership, you become part of an exclusive and overly-prepared group of individuals with access to a network of underground shelters impenetrable by tsunamis, nuclear bombs, giant asteroids, biological warfare and, of course, widespread social anarchy.

Vivos is, without a doubt, the best solution for surviving in a post-apocalyptic world – makes you wonder why more people haven’t applied for a membership, hmmm…


Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Posted by Terry

photo: facebook.com/GEappliancedistributorUK

OK.  I'm in advertising. And further, I fully believe in the power of advertising.  But, does anyone else think this is a really poor marketing gimmick from GE Appliances UK dances way too close to the edge of exceptionally poor taste?

The mind boggles at how many ways this "clever idea" is likely to go bad for the consuming public. This concept stands a very real risk of going global in ways we don't want to know about.

I already have a multitude of uninvited guests - in the form of television advertisements - marching through my kitchen while I am running around in my skivvies. I really have no interest in the next iteration of this refrigerator being the cast from this year's Biggest Loser analyzing the contents of my fridge shelves. Quick! Someone call the advertising police before they give advertisers any more bad ideas.


Boost Your Creativity

Posted by Roger

Listening to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is one of many ways jpb.com suggests you can boost your creativity. (Photo jpb.com)

The other day, I ran across an interesting article about how to boost your creativity. It appears on the jpb.com website.

jpb.com was founded by Jeffery Baumgartner. Their main area of business today is the development and international marketing of Jenni Idea Management software as a service. His tips on boosting creativity are very interesting. The site is copyright protected, therefore, I didn't copy and paste his article. Instead I recommend you go to the site yourself and learn how to be more creative.

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Pop! Goes the Restaurant

Posted by Emily

Pop-up restaurants are one of the biggest foodie trends of 2011. Across the country, America’s finest chefs are opening temporary restaurants in various spaces to experiment with cutting-edge recipes and create one-of-a-kind dining experiences.  The menus at these restaurants typically change from day-to-day and the culinary hot spots shut down after only a few days or weeks. Pop-up restaurants not only offer delectable cuisine, they offer exclusivity, because grabbing a seat at a pop-up restaurant is no easy task. Most pop-ups are “advertised” through word of mouth, so it’s all about who you know. “Next Restaurant” in Chicago is a great example of a premier pop-up restaurant that has people scrambling for tickets to attend. Ask around and do some research, find a pop-up restaurant in your city and make sure you don’t miss out on this trendy, must-have experience.


Has “Off the Record” Died?

Posted by Roger

Ron Schiller (photo, NPR.org)

The recent firestorm caused by hidden camera video recordings of NPR’s Ron Schiller proves that we no longer have the freedom to make private comments.

I may not agree with his statements, but I am concerned that our basic privacy is being eroded. From cameras in stores, on freeways and in parking lots, we now find ourselves on camera even with close personal associates. Does the world have a right to know our private thoughts? How we parent our children? What we order at mealtime?

Is it no longer safe to take an unpopular position or have a contrary thought?

Am I the only one who is unnerved by this loss of intimacy?

My fear is that a free society can no longer be free when private, personal viewpoints must be molded and edited to fit a “norm” due to fear of exposure. What do you think?



Posted by Emily

If you haven’t heard of the London-based street artist Banksy, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.  The artist’s recent presence in L.A. – due to his Academy Award nomination for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop – had Hollywood in a tizzy trying to track down his latest works of art throughout the streets of Tinseltown.  Banksy is famous for the provocative and often humorous street art that breathes color and life into the dirty alleys and forgotten buildings of urban cities.  The talented artist posts pictures of all his work on his website, so you can be sure if it’s an authentic Banksy masterpiece you saw while walking down Santa Monica Boulevard.  Although Banksy’s popular documentary did not take home the golden statue, his art is definitely worth admiring.  Only Banksy can turn an ordinary “No Trespassing” sign into a $500,000 work of art because he sees clearly what most of us would walk past blindly.

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